Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dia: Beacon and Storm King Art Center

We went to Newburgh, New York, yesterday, and I forgot to take along my Airbook.  Sorry.

We visited the Dia: Beacon.  It is an art gallery in a huge old Nabisco building in the town of Beacon on the Hudson River.  The museum specializes in very large installations.  This is not the kind of art you would put in your living room unless your living room was a warehouse.  

Richard Serra’s “Torqued Ellipse II”  and “Double Torqued Ellipse” are giant iron sculptures that weigh tons and would need very large machinery to move.  Are they art?  That’s in the eye of the beholder, but they certainly are impressive.

Today we visited the Storm King Art Center, about 10 miles south of Newburgh.  I liked this one very much.  Giant outdoor sculptures are scattered around about a 400 acre property, and they are amazing.  My favorites were Alexander Calder’s “The Arch,” Andy Goldsworthy’s “Storm King Wall,” and Zhang Huan’s “Three Legged Buddha.”  You can see most of the sculptures by taking a tram ride, which we did.  What a great weekend.

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